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Do YOU suffer from:

Heartburn pain? 

Burping (constant & embarrassing!)? 

Waking with chest pain – or even choking?

A bad taste in your mouth you can’t get rid of?

Or maybe YOU suffer from sneakier symptoms like:

Endless sinus infections? 

Chronic cough or sore throat?

A hoarse voice that won’t go away? 

A sensation of a lump in your throat or difficulty swallowing?

Always feeling like you have phlegm in the back of your throat (Ugh!)?

So did Beth…

Beth* was caught in a vicious cycle of long workdays and not enough sleep (made worse by her reflux waking her). She would often go long stretches without eating, and then grab something on the go and eat it in the car, or at her desk. She admitted to inhaling her food, and having dinner late, while reclining on the sofa.

My patient Tom had symptoms of LPR (or “Silent Reflux”) too…

Tom* came to me complaining of a sore throat and laryngitis. He'd been experiencing this for months, but didn't report any other signs of an infection. He told me he often felt "phlegmy" and was constantly (and awkwardly) trying to clear it. When I told him about LPR (Laryngopharyngeal Reflux) he was relieved - "I feel like I finally have an answer - and now I can do something about it!"

Do YOU suffer from acid reflux?

Acid reflux is the upward propulsion of stomach contents into the esophagus, throat or mouth. And if you have acid reflux, you’re not alone. It’s one of the most common digestive disorders, affecting 1 in every 4-5 adults. That’s about 20-25% of us!

There are other solutions. You can End Acid Reflux! (Without drugs.)

Introducing End Acid Reflux:  

A 6-week, online program, created by a licensed Naturopathic Doctor & Nutritionist.  

End Acid Reflux was created especially with you in mind, by Dr. Jennifer Baer - a Naturopathic Doctor with over 20 years of experience and practice in the fields of food, nutrition and health.

Dr. Baer has helped hundreds of patients recover from acid reflux. She wants to add YOU to that growing number! 

(I was sold at "end acid reflux"...)

Learn more about the program...

This self-guided program is designed to be safe, effective and natural. It guides you through dietary and lifestyle modifications that will kick your acid reflux to the curb – for good!

And…if personalized support is more your thing, there’s an option to consult with Dr. Baer during the program & get a custom-tailored supplement plan, just for you.  (Available to those in Ontario, Canada)

The benefits of an online program:

I've designed it to arrive in weekly segments, so you don't get overwhelmed, but DO stay on track! Coming to see me in person for 3-5 visits may not be possible for everyone. But I found a way to deliver a truly comprehensive program for a fraction of the cost, that you can do at your convenience. And I'm super excited to share it with you!

I find that when people commit to the whole process of transformation, they get fantastic results! But life is busy and hectic and often pulling us in many directions at once. Some of my patients have great intentions, but after 1-2 visits struggle to stay on track, or find themselves constantly having to reschedule appointments.

That was a big motivating factor in creating this program. You don't have to book any appointments or worry about scheduling. You don't even have to leave the comfort of your own home! Got a screen (even a phone)? You can do this program!

Affordable. All the benefits, at a fraction of the cost.

This SIX WEEK program costs less than the fee for an Initial Consultation with Dr. Baer! It includes material that would normally take her at least 3-4 visits to cover, regularly valued at more than $800-1000.

Instead, pay only $247 for a comprehensive 6-week solution. That's just $41/week!

Guess what? If you quit your daily SBUX habit, you could probably cover the cost of this program! Boom! 

(Spoiler Alert: coffee may be triggering your stupid reflux!)

END ACID REFLUX is the right program for YOU if:

  • You want a longterm solution to acid reflux
  • You are sick and tired of acid reflux disrupting your sleep, social life, intimacy, confidence and/or productivity
  • You are hoping to avoid or wean off acid blocker medications
  • You are ready to make some dietary and lifestyle changes to get results
  • Stress or anxiety sometimes trigger your acid reflux
  • You've tried a bunch of other things that haven't worked
  • You are concerned about the side effects of drugs like PPIs (Proton Pump Inhibitors)
  • You want to prevent complications like esophageal cancer
  • You are ready to (re)prioritize your health
  • You want to End Acid Reflux within the next 6 weeks!


  • A 6-week, step-by-step program designed by a licensed ND & nutritionist
  • Custom Meal Plan & over 50 Recipes to End Acid Reflux
  • Clinically validated assessment tools (to measure your starting point & progress)
  • Healthy Habit Hacks for success
  • A myriad of exercises & tools to reduce stress and better manage anxiety
  • Downloadable PDFs to keep forever (worksheets, cheatsheets, recaps, tools & resources)
  • HAVE YOUR SAY!” (a forum to discuss your results, ask questions and connect with other course members & the instructor)
  • Beyond text - audio, videos and slideshows to keep you engaged
  • Weekly Recaps to provide encouragement, re-inforcement and motivation
  • A myriad of practical exercises and tools to relieve and prevent acid reflex
  • A detailed list of Key Triggers to avoid & a Food List cheatsheet
  • See the detailed course curriculum below!

Patient Updates 

After working with Beth* for about two months, here's what she had to say: 

"Dr. Baer goes beyond just giving you a diet to follow. She helped me to hold a mirror up and acknowledge my own behaviour. In addition to following her acid reflux diet plan, small changes like chewing my food well & not eating for a few hours before bed have made a HUGE difference for me."

As for Tom*, after just a few weeks of following a prescribed diet, and several additional recommendations, things started to improve - "I sound like myself again!"

(Sign me up!  I want to feel better like Tom* & Beth*.)

The Impact of Acid Reflux

The two most common forms of chronic acid reflux are:

GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) and

LPR (Laryngopharyngeal Reflux – “silent reflux”, or "airway reflux")

Heartburn, regurgitation of food, burping, constant sensation of a lump in your throat, phlegm or post-nasal drip, bad taste in your mouth, night waking, chronic sore throat, cough or laryngitis are amongst the most common complaints of acid reflux sufferers.

But there are a whole lot of other ways that acid reflux may be impacting YOUR life:

Do you have a "fear of food" and find yourself avoiding food or social situations that involve food? (Which, incidentally, tends to be most social interactions - in case you hadn't noticed!)

Do you wake in the middle of the night feeling like you're choking, can't breathe or are having a heart attack? (This can be terrifying. And doesn't exactly make for a restful night's sleep.)

I even have patients who have stopped dating, started sleeping in a separate bed from their spouse or partner, or who avoid holiday gatherings altogether.

Symptoms of acid reflux may result in a decrease in your productivity at work, difficulty speaking or presenting - or even cause you to miss work.

Do anxiety or stress act as triggers for your reflux? You’re not alone. Also, GERD/LPR can induce anxiety or stress for many people. Sounds like a vicious cycle to me.

Finally, of note, is the overall impact it can have on your sense of self. Many of the people I've worked with acknowledge that their acid reflux is associated with a decrease in self-confidence. To me, this alone makes it worth our full attention.

Do these patient's stories sound anything like yours?

Sarah* was surviving on coffee and donuts through most of her work day when she first came to see me. "Acid reflux is basically a part of my personality now", she told me, "I'm dying a slow death from it." Quitting her coffee habit and eating a healthy breakfast before work were key to Sarah's success. "Dr. Baer gave me great alternatives and creative solutions that I could fit into my lifestyle. Plus, I realized that I was missing work about once a month or so because of my reflux. Now I'm banking sick days!"

Jessica* found that her reflux was especially triggered by stressful situations and anxiety. "Working with Dr. Baer has honestly transformed my life. I have been able to better manage my anxiety at work - which has dramatically reduced my acid reflux. I kind of knew they were related, but Dr. Baer helped me to understand the connection, and gave me tools that I could use in the moment. The thing that has surprised me most - is how much more confidence I have now!"

*Patient names changed for confidentiality.

These are just a few stories. I've worked with hundreds of people just like you over the years.

As if you needed any more reasons to sign up for the program...

You can try End Acid Reflux completely FREE!

I want you to feel confident that this program is a GREAT fit for you. So, I am offering you the chance to take it for a test drive. Make your way through FIFTEEN units of the program for FREE!

Are YOU ready to End Acid Reflux Naturally?

Sign up today to begin your journey.

Dr. Jennifer Baer, ND

Dr. Jennifer Baer, ND

About the Doctor

Selected Credentials & Experience

  • Licensed Naturopathic Doctor (CCNM, 2005)
  • Registered Holistic Nutritionist (CSNN, 1999)
  • Diploma Culinary Management & Certificate Chef Training (George Brown College, 1997-98)
  • Instructor various college programs in nutrition (1999-2007)
  • Monthly Health Columnist (Bloordale Times, 2012-2015)
  • Clinic Director & Naturopathic Doctor, Body of Knowledge Healing Arts (2006-present)

I am a BEACON for those with Digestive Distress.

I believe that DIGESTION is the foundation of health & longevity, a reflexion of our mental & emotional well-being, and can be effectively supported and preserved through our dietary & lifestyle choices.

As a Naturopathic Doctor with a background in food & nutrition (I previously trained as a chef and was a Registered Nutritionist), I teach people how to naturally and effectively put an end to their digestive distress - but what I’m MOST passionate about, is helping people to RECLAIM THEIR LIVES.

You see, digestive symptoms are bothersome and life-disrupting on their own. But beyond that, digestive conditions can cause or be caused by stress or anxiety. What's more, the digestive system has connections to and interactions with virtually EVERY system of the body - so when digestion is disrupted, it can affect a lot of other areas of life and health.

People were coming to see me because they no longer knew what they could eat without making their symptoms worse. They were sick of being bloated all the time and not fitting into their jeans or pants by the end of the day. Their social lives and travel plans were limited by their fear of having “an episode” or not knowing if there would be a bathroom close by. Their heartburn, reflux or abdominal pain was preventing them from sleeping or being productive.

But when we dove deeper, it became clear that MANY of my patients were feeling stuck, frustrated or overwhelmed in other aspects of their lives: work, relationships, fulfillment, confidence and self-worth were all recurring themes. I'm honoured to practice medicine in a holistic way - which gives me the opportunity to push past symptoms with patients, and explore connections to deeper issues, which can have TRANSFORMATIVE effects on people's lives. While I love helping people conquer their digestive problems, watching people attain the freedom to live fully is what fuels me.

Let me be your BEACON, illuminating the path.

Yours in health,


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3 Videos

1 Survey

2 Quizzes

56 Texts

14 PDFs

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6.0 hrs

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